About Us


Ensafe Accom Pte Ltd is an company expertise in new build, repair, refurbishment and architectural outfitting for marine vessel, cruises, ferries and oil & gas industry.


Ensafe Accom is a Specialist Contractor in Marine accomodation and construction. Established in 2008 and over the years, we continuously improve our technology and company resources to handle large and difficult jobs which are technically demanding in Singapore and overseas markets.

We have completed Projects in Singapore and in the ASEAN region and extending to the Asia subcontinent and the Azebaijian. We have registered offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Azebaijian. We deliver Projects on time on budget with high quality and safety records.

We established a creative working environment that will stimulate our employees to think on their own, discuss and consolidate ideas into an action plan with their colleagues. They will then organize themselves into a single-minded team to execute the works and do it right the first time, and every time.

The personalization of the interior and the exterior is another distinctive trait of the Ensafe Accom. A main space where Owners express themselves down to the smallest detail, making it precious and unique. Renowned professionals, prestigious firms and engineering but also the most important interior design companies work together with the Interior Design Department consisting of a team of high end architects and designers who interpret the Client’s desires.